Contents Services

Contents Services

Insurance companies rely on Crawford & Company's Contents Service (CCS) for accurate pricing of consumer goods when a claim involves property contents.

Services Include

  • Property inventory processing
  • Timely, highly detailed, and accurate list of like, kind, and quality replacement items
  • Report of where those items can be purchased (in most cases, at nationally known retailers located near the claimant) and at what price


CCS analysts have product knowledge over a wide range of categories, including rare and unique items.  This cost-effective, comprehensive service helps insurance companies reduce indemnity costs and retain policyholders by:

  • Reducing contents claims costs: Our analysts identify the most accurate replacement items at the most competitive prices.  CCS also identifies vague or overvalued items and suggests fair, more accurate replacements for those items.
  • Improving customer satisfaction: CCS consistently meets policyholder expectations by providing timely, detailed, accurate, yet simple and understandable results.  Moreover, we allow the claims professional to retain full and final control over settlement of the inventory, thus ensuring the policyholder's satisfaction. 
  • Sourcing and pricing of each inventory item: In most cases, each item is sourced at nationally recognized retailers geographically located close to the policyholder.



For more information on Contents Services, contact:
Natalie Haar, Director of Central Services

To submit a claim, download Contents Assignment Submission Form.

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