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Hurricane Irma, the most powerful Atlantic storm in a decade, battered Caribbean islands before bearing down on the entire Florida panhandle and up through parts of Georgia, Alabama and the Carolinas. Total insured losses are estimated at $25 billion.1 However, Irma’s impact could have been much worse.  The Category 5 storm weakened as it met changes in water temperature and wind patterns in its journey through the Caribbean and towards the Florida coast, tempering the severity of the damage.2 Irma’s biggest impact was to the Florida Keys, where 90% of homes are reportedly damaged or destroyed.3

Irma made landfall in early September 2017, a mere two weeks after Hurricane Harvey pummeled the coast of Texas, bringing devastating floods to the region. Crawford & Company® was just moving their induction center from Austin to Houston when grave concern about Irma began develop. Crawford’s Catastrophe ServicesSM team was watching Irma carefully while working around the clock to respond to client needs in Texas.

Ken Tolson, CEO of Crawford’s U.S. Property & Casualty division, assured clients that, “we will be honoring all of our commitments in areas affected by both Harvey and Irma. With the help of WeGoLook® Lookers® and our drone fleet, we will be able to assess the scope of damage more quickly and more safely than we have in the past.”

Crawford’s induction centers are up and running in Houston and Jacksonville to ensure that adjusters responding to policyholders are well-versed in client-specific guidelines. Crawford call centers have fielded more than 65,000 calls.

“We will continue to respond to the needs of Florida and Texas businesses and residents until our clients’ needs are met; we anticipate that claim volume will remain steady through the end of the year,” added Tolson.

Crawford is also heavily involved in assessing auto and heavy equipment damage caused by the storm.  Contractor Connection®, Crawford’s managed repair network, is providing water mitigation, board up, tree removal, roofing, and temporary housing service requests, among other needs. Crawford is also prepared to process requests for forensic accounting services to support business interruption analyses.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by these storms. For assistance with Hurricane Harvey, Irma or other catastrophic events contact our 24-hour ClaimsAlert® call center at 1-877-346-0300.

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